lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.

2016. Friend of Paradise. Café Bukhyang, Seoul.
2015. Will the Hand Fall in Sync with the Rhythm of the Heart? Ranger Station Gallery,                   
      Harrison Hot Springs, BC.
2014. Conference on the Wave. CSA Space, Vancouver BC.
2012. Joining the Periphery. VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver BC.
2011. Everything That Bumps Proceeds Into Depth. Umlaut Gallery, Munich.
2011. Witch Hazel. Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria BC.
2011. Sugar of Stones. The STAG, Vancouver BC.
2010. Strawberry Shadows. HaNNa/Wall Gallery, Tokyo.
2010. The Chaos of Comfort. Blim, Vancouver BC.
2009. VLVLVLVL. Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria BC.

2015. Field Studies: Exercises in a Living Landscape. Access Gallery, Vancouver BC.
2011. Sweaty Bones. Access Gallery, Vancouver BC.
2010. Püss Füst. Open Space Gallery, Baltimore MD.
2009. Us Ones In Between. Open Space, Victoria BC.

2017. Symphony of Fire v.3. Sunset Terrace, Vancouver BC.
2016. New Forms Festival (with Rosen). Vancouver BC.
2015. Dinnertime (with Zuzia Juskiewicz). Institute for Quiet Noise, Vancouver BC.
2014. Down Tempo. Dunlevy Snackbar, Vancouver BC.
2014. The Grain of the Voice. Western Front, Vancouver BC.         
2013. Shape Painter. Audio Foundation, Auckland NZ.
2012. Summer Night Slides, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver BC.
2010. Urbanite (with Justin Love). Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria BC.
2010. Plastic Paper Animation Festival. Park Theatre, Winnipeg MB.
2009. Play and Make Noise (with Leah Abramson). Western Front, Vancouver BC.
2009. Seasonal Pageant Disorder (with Jared Brandle). Open Space, Victoria BC.

2013. Alphabet City, Auckland NZ.
2012. VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver BC.
2012. Hammock Residency, Vancouver BC.