Friend of Paradise, 2016
Video and collage.
Café Bukhyang, Seoul.
Photographed by Ahyun Kim. Will the Hand Fall in Sync with the Rhythm of the Heart, 2015
Works on paper, sound installation, and collaborative community drawing.
Ranger Station Gallery, Harrison Hot Springs BC. Field Studies: Exercises in a Living Landscape, 2015
Photographs, video and drawings.
Access Gallery, Vancouver BC. New Forms Festival, 2016
Video for Rosen live set.
Vancouver, BC. Dinnertime vol. 1, 2016
Video, painting, apricots and live music (with Zuzanna Juskiewicz).
Institute for Quiet Noise, Vancouver BC. Conference on the Wave, 2014
Video and crochet.
CSA Space, Vancouver BC. Joining the Periphery, 2012
Video and live music.
VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver BC.
Photographed by Dennis Ha (1, 2), Luciana Freire D’Anunciação (4) and Patrick Chin (3, 5, 6) Everything that Bumps Proceeds into Depth, 2011
Video, artist book and paper cut-outs. 
Umlaut Gallery, Munich.
Photographed by Ronit Wolf. Sweaty Bones, 2011
Sculpture and painting (with Justin Wright, Jordan Bent and Heidi Nagtegaal).
Access Gallery, Vancouver BC. Urbanite, 2010
Video and live music (with Justin Love).
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria BC. Play and Make Noise, 2009
Video and live drawing (with Leah Abramson).
Western Front, Vancouver BC.
Photographed by Sonia Zagwyn. Eden Veaudry, 2013
Zines and various works on paper created during artist residency.
Alphabet City, Auckland.
Selected installation views 2009 - 2016